Ten Instagrammable Spots In Langkawi

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Langkawi is encouraging domestic visitors to explore the island’s varied attractions, heritage and natural beauty logging the trip with 10 instagrammable moments; the high spots of a visit the northern Malaysian island.

1. Eagle Square/ Dataran Lang
This 12m tall eagle is the most iconic landmark of Langkawi, and of course, it is on the top of the list! The best time to take a picture with this majestic eagle is in the morning with the big blue sky as the background. Folklore has it that Langkawi got its name from two Malay words: ‘helang’ – eagle and ‘kawi’ – reddish-brown. This eagle, specifically Brahminy Kite, can be seen around Langkawi.

2. Langkawi SkyBridge
The perfect photo spot set against the Machinchang Mountain, Langkawi SkyBridge brings you to the best viewing point on Langkawi. The spectacular view of Langkawi is all at a glance. The suspended bridge challenges you to stride proudly 100m above ground and at 660m above sea level while still striking Instagram-worthy poses.

3. Underwater World Langkawi
It’s the amazing Underwater World! Walk beneath the underwater tunnel and take a breathtaking shot with the sharks. Or you can opt for the cuter and chicky penguins! With three different climatic themes – Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antarctic, you get to see all about marine lives around the world.

4. Dayang Bunting Lake
Vest up and take a dip! Dayang Bunting Lake or the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is located on the second largest island in Langkawi. According to folklore, this is the bathing pool of Mambang Sari – a celestial princess. Happily married to the prince Mat Teja, their son died at the age of seven days. They decided to leave their son’s body in the lake to allow him to rest in peace. She then blessed women who bathe in this lake be endowed with a child. If you look for long enough, you’ll spot the pregnant lady figure from the shape of the hills!

5. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park
Explore the Kilim Geoforest Park while taking a picture with the signboard. This nature reserve guarantees you a good view of limestone cliffs, hunting eagles, various species of birds, bats in caves, lush mangrove trees and many more. Take a boat ride around, and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

6. Kubang BadakBiogeo Trail
Get closer to the geological creation that is unique to Langkawi! Kubang BadakBiogeo Trail features 13 locations that bring you through the river along mangrove forest, geological-diverse spots, and early settlement of the Thai community. You can even take pictures with nine elephants along the trail! Wait, what? There are elephants on Langkawi? It’s actually a part of the limestone formation at the cave entrance of Gua Pinang that resembles elephant trunks. It will be a fun-filled and eye-opening journey other than plenty of photo ops!

7. Seven Wells Waterfall/ TelagaTujuh
This is the most picturesque waterfall on the island. While it requires some hiking, the view is all worth it once you witness the grandeur of the waterfall. The name Seven Wells refers to the seven natural pools from the cascading waterfalls. You can even get up the red hanging bridge or viewing deck to look over the entire waterfall. That spot makes a great place for pictures too. Get your bathing suit ready and have a refreshing bath after the hike.

8. Lagenda Park
Situated next to the Eagle Square, Lagenda Park is a folklore park where you can learn and know more about all the mythical stories on Langkawi. The legend behind the split of GunungMachinchang and Gunung Raya – the battle of two giants, Mahsuri’s legend, story of birds and ogre, and many more myths await you to uncover. The arched pathway in the park is a perfect spot to snap symmetric photos.

9. Gunung Raya
Gunung Raya is the highest peak on Langkawi, standing at 881m above sea level. The myth has it that this mountain, together with Machinchang Mountain, is formed from a fight of two giants! Whether taking a shot of “I conquered Langkawi’s highest peak!” or just a leisure drive up the mountain, you will find your spot. A new proposal to enhance the space included a park, museum, resort and restaurants at the top of the hill. You can probably relax and enjoy the view while having a meal.

10. Beach shots at literally anywhere on the island!
What’s left? How can you leave Langkawi without a shot at the beach? Literally, all beaches on the island are worth getting a spot on your Instagram. TanjungRhu for the serenity and exclusiveness, Pantai Cenang for the lively and happening night scenes, Black Sand Beach for the mysterious and mythical black-coloured sand, Pantai Kok for the chill vibe and mouth- watering local food, Pantai Tengah for viewing the longest stretch of beach on Langkawi, and the list never stops. We recommend sunset shots so that you can glow in the golden hour!

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