Langkawi-Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024-Ep. 2

Langkawi Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024 fishing match. It is the largest fishing event held in Langkawi Island, spanning international borders for competition.

Langkawi-Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024-Ep. 1

The beginning for Langkawi Satun Fishing Thru Andaman 2024 fishing match. It is the largest fishing event held in Langkawi Island, spanning international borders for competition.

Excitement Langkawi Best Wey..!-Domestic Version

Renowned for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant wildlife. It's a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. This is wey..!

Langkawi Best Wey!

Whether you’re planning to lay on pristine beaches or dreaming of an exciting getaway, Langkawi offers countless enviable adventures and the new tagline, “Langkawi Best Wey”, truly captures the essence of the island.

MICE Destination

Langkawi welcomes delegates and visitors from around the globe to explore its land as MICE Destination.

Langkawi Geopark Green Package

Presenting the video of Langkawi Geopark Green Package that has launched at ITB Berlin 2023 on 7th March 2023.

Earth’s Heritage -Trilobite Fossil

These marine animals were the earliest known arthropods (invertebrate animals with hard external skeletons and jointed limbs), and so were distant relatives of modern incrustations (e.g crabs)

Mangrove Forest - Super Ecosystem

Biological diversity is the diversity of life on Earth, usually expressed as the number of species. The mangrove forests in Malaysia are among the richest in the world.

Nature's Landscape - Karst & Cave

Nature's tunnels of time and caves offer a majestic view into the heart of age-old history. Dating millions of years back, these unique geological formations carry with pride the World Heritage Geopark status by UNESCO

Geopark Networking - Kinabalu Geopark

Geopark Networking. Trip from Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark to Kinabalu Geopark UNESCO Global Geopark as part of networking within UNESCO Global Geopark in Asia

World Mountain Day 2022

In conjunction with World Mountain Day 2022 folks from Hello Environment 2022 organized an outdoor activity to celebrate this day - GeoHiking at Machinchang Peak

Karnival Langkawi Geopark 2022

Many activities are organized in conjunction with the Karnival Langkawi Geopark 2022 that took place between 1 -30 Jun 2022 in various location throughout the Island of Langkawi.

Differences Aside Logo 01 2


What happens when 9 different people, randomly selected from around the world, interact for 12 days on 1 island by putting their "Differences Aside"?

Teaser Episode One

9 strangers from different parts of the world, brought together for 12 days on 1 island… to interact with and get to know each other… to prove that this world can be a better place if we all put our ‘Differences Aside’.

Episode One

Langkawi hosts 9 strangers from around the globe to explore its land, its seas, its rainforests and its people. To discover that there is harmony in diversity regardless of race, language, culture or religion. To show every man, woman and child on this planet just how the world should be.

Episode Two

Our participants are getting to know Langkawi - and each other. Seeing how the locals live, and learning about each other's backgrounds, what differences will they discover?

Episode Three

Our participants discover a different side to Langkawi, beyond the beaches and into the heart of the island itself. They learn about local legends, take part in traditional games, and have the most open discussions of the adventure so far - what will they learn about each other?

Episode Four

Our participants’ time in Langkawi is coming to a close. As they look back on the time they’ve spent together, will this change how they look forward to the future? What have they learnt about each other – and themselves? Most importantly – have they managed to put their Differences Aside?


Episode One

Explore Langkawi with host Nadia as she starts her journey in the legendary island Langkawi, discovering “Laman Padi” and soaking in a gorgeous sunset view as she dines by the beach.

Episode Two

Eco-friendly journey of Langkawi with an electric car, exploring aquatic creatures, tree planting and ending the day with shopping and food along the famous Cenang strip.

Episode Three

See breathtaking scene of Langkawi as Nadia goes 700 meters above sea level in a cable car before going through the bustling Oriental Village, posing in the one of a kind Art Gallery and taking a duck tour.

Episode Four

Joined by travel duo Rob and Nat, Nadia goes on a cultural journey as they visit a traditional village and Tuba island to experience the culture and arts of the people in Langkawi.

Episode Five

A mythical journey as Nadia visits Kota Mahsuri and the Field of Burnt Rice. Then gets upclose with some crocodiles before enjoing an evening of Italian quisine by a marina and ends the day checking-into the Four Seasons Resort.

Episode Six

A day of activity on the beach, waterfalls and in the sky. Join Nadia as she goes jetskiing and parasailing before going for a relaxing time at the seven tier waterfall and a sunset stroll along Tanjung Rhu beach.

Episode Seven

Nadia starts the day on top of the highest mountain in Langkawi and enjoys a visit to a fruit farm, wildlife park and the local craft complex, then off to a good Arabic meal before ending the day with a dip at the tallest waterfall in Langkawi.

Episode Eight

A relaxing day with hot-spring wells, a spa treatment and guided boat tour along Langkawi’s nature reserve and collection of geo-sites. Then joining the locals for a memorable experience at the night market.

Episode Nine

Join Nadia is she witness the Ironman race and spends the day in the sparkling jade green waters of Pulau Payar Marine Park and the legendary Tasik Dayang Bunting.

Episode Ten

Nadia indulges in a touristy day visiting the garden of legends, taking pictures of the iconic Langkawi statue and talks coffee art. Of course duty free shopping is involved and the trip ends with a beautiful sunset dinner cruise.