Langkawi Crafts Complex

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Langkawi Craft Complex is one of the major tourist destinations in Langkawi Island. It is one-stop centre that serves a variety of authentic craft products such as batik, hand woven cloth, fibre plaited, metals and other crafts. Visit Craft complex, which provide many interesting activities such as craft sales, craft demonstrations, educational crafts, cultural performance and guide tours. Unique architecture with attractive landscaping makes Craft Complex as a must visit destination.
Locally know as Kompleks Kraf, this is the cultural craft complex of Langkawi that showcases and sells exquisite handicraft and artwork from Malaysian craftsmen and artists. The craft complex was open to public since September 1996. The entry way of Langkawi Craft Complex is from the road Jalan Teluk Yu and opposite to the Pantai Teluk Yu (Shark Bay Beach). So it is located near the northern shoreline of the island. It’s a huge complex and the main Craft Complex building has succession of halls with several sections that are designated as museums displaying varieties of intricate art & craft items and reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia.
As you enter through the main door, there is a lobby area and the reception counter is on the right. Straight ahead of the lobby and also on its left is the Crafts Bazaar which is the sales gallery. Here you will find different kinds of apparel, clothing, gifts, souvenirs, accessories, home furnishing products, utensils and lot more.


Langkawi Crafts Complex
Teluk Yu, Mukim Bohor
07100 Langkawi, Kedah
+604-9591917 / +604-9591844
Person Incharge : Mr. Yusri Bin Gulam / Mr. Nik Azreen Bin Nik Alui / Mr. Mohamad Fitri Bin Zainol