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Gamat is a species of Sea Cucumbers which are marine creatures having leathery skin and a long body. They can be found on the sea floor almost all over the world. In Malay, these sea cucumbers are known as gamat. They were once in abundance in Langkawi’s water until the islanders came to know about their medicinal healing value and started capturing them in bulk, established factories in the island and started processing them to create healing oils. These days, the sea cucumbers are mostly imported from places like Thailand.

So what can the gamat heal? They can heal both internal and external body ailments like aches, ulcers, burns and injuries. When gamat (sea cucumber) is used in pure form and no other ingredients used, boiled in a container for three days in low heat, then what comes out is called “Ayer Gamat”, an oil which can be taken orally for internal healing. Such healing could be for peptic or duodenal ulcers, bleeding piles or even stomach aches.


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