Crocodile Adventureland

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Known locally as Taman Buaya, the Crocodile Adventure Land is located in Datai Bay area at the north western end of the island. The entire farm area is spread across some 20 acres of land area out of which about half the area is accessible to tourists and visitors. Remaining is where croc farming takes place.
The farm is nestled in lush greenery with mountains as the backdrop. Looks quite impressive from outside. You will see one of the largest collections of crocodiles in the farm, of different species and sizes numbering over 1000 and comprising of both crocodiles and alligators (it’s not easy to differentiate between the two types unless you are knowledgeable in the subject). While many crocs have been imported, lots are bred & reproduced in the farm. The entire farm is divided into several sections or concretized ponds. There are placards at each section giving information about the crocodiles in that section.


Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi
Address: Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi
Taman Buaya Langkawi Sdn. Bhd.
Jalan Datai, Mukim Air Hangat
07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Person Incharge: Zulhasymi Bin NorHalim
Phone: +604-959-2559 / 012-516 2559