Langkawi Barber Battle 2024

Langkawi Barber Battle 2024

A “Barber Battle” is a lively competition where barbers show off their skills and creativity in different hairstyling categories. These events attract participants and spectators who appreciate barbering as an art. Common categories include Modern Mullet, French Crop Creative, Classic Cuts, Freestyle Design, and Fastest Fade. Judges, who are usually experienced barbers or industry professionals, evaluate participants based on precision, creativity, technique, and overall look.

Barber Battles are great for networking and professional growth. Barbers of all skill levels come together to share techniques, learn from each other, and build connections. These events often include workshops and demonstrations by industry experts, offering insights into the latest trends and techniques in barbering.

The upcoming Barber Battle in Langkawi, scheduled for July 6, 2024, at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, promises to be an exciting event. In addition to the barber competition, a new segment featuring 60 participant hair stylists will be introduced. This event celebrates the barbering profession with music, live commentary, and entertainment, making it engaging for both participants and the audience.

Overall, a Barber Battle is a dynamic event that combines competition, education, community, and entertainment, providing a valuable and memorable experience for everyone involved.

For the second time in Langkawi, an OPEN competition among barbers will be held in LANGKAWI. Showcase your extraordinary talent on July 6, 2024, at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall.

Come on, barbers… Show off your hidden talents.

Categories: Modern Mullet    ‍♂️ French Crop Creative

Registration Details:

  • ✅ Registration is now open
  • ✅ Limited to 80 barbers only
  • ✅ Participation Certificate
  • ✅ T-shirt
  • ✅ Free Gift Products

In addition to the barber competition, a new segment featuring 60 participant hair stylists will be introduced, making this event even more exciting. Don’t miss out on this new event in Langkawi!


06 July

Venue: Langkawi Fair

Organiser Details:
 Joe’s Barber Shop langkawi
Tel: +6011-2083 8478
Email : [email protected]
Website : –
Socials : fb/Joesbarbershoplangkawiofficial 

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