Sandbar Walk 2024

 Langkawi Sandbar Walk 2024

Sandbars, recognized as offshore bars or wave-washed ridges, emerge as configurations of sand and sediments just off the shoreline. Their development is influenced by ocean waves, resulting in formations that may be partly submerged or entirely visible, contingent upon the tide’s ebb and flow.

Langkawi’s Tanjung Rhu Beach boasts a well-known and enchanting annual occurrence—the Sandbar phenomenon. This captivating natural marvel materializes as the sea level plummets to a minimum of 0.0m, unveiling a sandbar that seamlessly links Tanjung Rhu Beach with Chabang and Kelam Baya Island.

The Sandbar, an expansive sandbank stretching nearly one kilometer from Tanjung Rhu Beach to Chabang and Kelam Baya Island, stands out as a mesmerizing natural phenomenon. During its revelation, visitors are granted a unique opportunity to traverse this ephemeral pathway, immersing themselves in an exploration that intimately connects Tanjung Rhu Beach with the marine environment. The Sandbar Walk becomes an enthralling journey, allowing individuals to witness diverse marine species up close and personal.

As the sea level retreats, the Sandbar emerges as a picturesque bridge between land and sea. It unveils a hidden world, inviting explorers to venture across its sandy expanse and discover the marine life thriving in the shallow pools formed along its route. The Sandbar Walk transforms Tanjung Rhu Beach into a dynamic convergence point, where the terrestrial and aquatic realms seamlessly blend, offering an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for those seeking a harmonious interplay of natural wonders and island adventures. Langkawi’s Sandbar phenomenon epitomizes the beauty of nature’s secrets, unveiled for those willing to embark on a walk through this enchanting coastal spectacle.

11 – 12 February

Venue: Tanjung Rhu Beach

Organiser Details:
Tanjung Rhu Resort Langkawi
Tel: +60 11-2695 9033
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Socials : fb/TanjungRhuResort

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